Work with the best and get more! Dining Services offers a great place to work, competitive wages, flexible hours, and a variety of benefits and positions in a fun, fast-paced environment.

Students seeking a fun, on campus job that fits your busy schedule are encouraged to apply and come and work with us. Stop by any of our campus dining locations for information on available positions.

  • Convenient Hours:  You can work up to 20 hours per week, with your work schedule tailored to your class schedule.
  • Meal Funds:  Earn $1 per every hour worked to be loaded onto your Eagle Access Card to be used for meals on campus.
  • Meet New Friends:  We employ around 75-100 students, when fully staffed, making it easy to meet lots of new people.
  • Convenient Locations:  You can work close to your residence hall, apartment or off-campus apartment, eliminating the hassle sometimes associated with off-campus employment.
  • Promotion Opportunities: Your student job could lead to a student supervisor position with USI Dining/Sodexo based on evaluations, commitment, teamwork and needs.
  • Additional Hours:  Any students seeking additional hours may assist in catering events after discussing with their direct manager and the catering manager.  Events can be weekends and evenings on campus. 
  • Extra Bonus:  Student employees who refer other student employees, which turn into a new hire, will receive incentives added to their paycheck.

Seeking a management position? Visit Sodexo’s Career Center for information on exciting employment opportunities nationwide.

Below, you will find a current list of our active jobs. Simply click to apply!

Student Worker

USI - Sodexo PT Student Workers - Fall 2021

Sub Connection

USI - FT Cook I - Sub Connection

USI - PT Cook I Day Shift - Sub Connection

USI - PT Student Workers - Sub Connection


USI - FT Assistant - Purchasing and Receiving (CAPE)


USI - FT Catering Chef Supervisor - Senior

USI - FT Catering Chef

USI - FT Catering Assistant Chef

USI - FT Supervisor - Catering

USI - FT Dining Room Attendant - Catering

USI - PT Student Service Worker - Catering


USI - FT Kitchen Utility Worker - Loft

USI - FT Dish Room Utility Worker AM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Dish Room Utility Worker PM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Utility Worker Evening Shift - Loft

USI - FT Cook II AM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Cashier AM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Cashier PM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Cook - Grill - Loft

USI - FT Cook - Senior Salad Designer - Loft

USI - FT Cook I AM Shift - Pizza/Pasta - Loft

USI - FT Cook II PM Shift - Loft

USI - FT Food Prep - Cook II - Loft

USI - FT Food Prep - Cook II - Loft

USI - FT Lead Cook AM Shift - Loft

USI - PT Student Workers - Loft


USI - FT Barista II - Starbucks

USI - FT Supervisor - Starbucks

USI - PT Student Barista - Starbucks

Eagle Express C-Store

USI - FT Driver - C-Store

USI - FT Store Attendant Day Shift - C-Store

USI - FT Supervisor Evening Shift - C-Store

USI - PT Student Workers - C-Store


USI - FT Cashier - Chick-fil-A

USI - FT Cook I - Chick-fil-A

USI - FT Mid-Shift Supervisor - Chick-fil-A

USI - PT Cook I - Chick-fil-A

USI - PT Student Worker - Chick-fil-A

Office and Administration

USI - Sodexo FT Administrative Assistant